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How to make money with drone real estate photography

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If you are in the market to buy a drone or a video camera, there are some questions that you need to ask yourself. How much are drones or video cameras worth? What are the benefits to using these tools for photography real estate? And how can you get clients to pay for your services? These are just a few of the questions we will be answering. Some of the benefits may surprise you! Here are some examples to show you how drone real-estate photography can make you rich.

Cost of drones for real estate photography

A good drone can help you get high-quality pictures of your listings. You can get a high-quality shot of a home without much effort. The DJI Phantom can be a good starter drone that can produce cinematic-quality footage. It retails for $399 at the DJI Store and comes with an application that allows you to edit and delete photos and videos. Other models can be controlled with two people. Once you have more experience, it is possible to upgrade to a higher-end model.

Drones use a lot battery power and can last as much as an hour. Commercial shoots may last longer so be sure to get a drone that has a long flight duration. A drone with pre-programmed flight modes is a good option. These can be helpful for creating dynamic shots that you can show your clients. Professional photographers are a better choice if you are new to drones.

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Real estate photography costs: Video camera prices

Video cameras are now commonplace for drone real estate photography. Technology has advanced so much that even compact cameras and cell phones can now take stunning shots. Although it may seem difficult for real estate agents to compete with lower-cost services, they are more willing to pay for more sophisticated services. This technology is not only capable of taking aerial photos and video of real estate properties but it also allows you to virtual stage the property and take photos at twilight.

Cost of drone real estate photography video cameras varies. A 60-90 minute session of drone real estate photography costs around $150 to $250. This includes photo editing. Longer photoshoots cost $50 to $70 an hour. A complete project can cost professional photographers between $150 and $1,000. You should review the portfolio of your potential photographer before hiring them. After choosing a photographer to work with, you can have your photos edited by them, which could add up to $100 to $200 to your final invoice.

Here are some ways to get clients in drone real-estate photography

There are many ways you can get clients for your drone-real estate photography service. To begin, you should join a drone pilot directory. Clients will find your network easier when you are part. Next, you can self-advertise on social media and Google, or offer free shots at first to build up a portfolio. Once you have established a client base you can approach real estate agents to focus on aerial shots.

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You can also create a video to showcase the neighborhood to attract clients to your drone real estate photography. Many buyers and renters want to see the neighborhood where they're interested in buying or renting a house. Drones allow you to see different parts of the house, and also nearby properties. These videos can be used to highlight features of a house that make it stand out in its neighborhood. Professionally produced videos with narration are even better.


What are the rules of operation when using drones?

You need to register your drone with the FAA. This registration involves information such as the weight, size, battery capability, and operating frequency. The FAA will issue you an identification number.

Traveling with a Drone?

Drones have become increasingly popular for commercial and personal purposes. They are used to film, fly, map, rescue and search and rescue. Recent regulations regarding drones have been approved by FAA. They include new requirements for registration and licensing, pilot training, insurance, and other requirements. These new regulations will ensure drones are safe for all.

Is it possible to fly a drone at high altitudes without a license?

There is no restriction on the height at which you can fly a drone according to the FAA. You will need to register your unmanned aircraft system (UAS), including the registration number and model name, weight, dimensions, serial number, manufacturer's number, date manufactured, and any other information.

Which drone is the best?

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ drone is a popular choice for beginners. This model is equipped with a 4K cam, which allows for high-quality aerial photos as well as videos. This drone is easy to navigate thanks to its GPS system.


  • According to Indeed, a drone pilot gets paid $25.73 per hour on average in the US. (dronesgator.com)
  • Research and Markets predict a growth rate of 51.1% over the next five years. (thedroneu.com)
  • With the top 10% making over $100/h and the bottom 10% making as low as $10/h. (dronesgator.com)

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How To

What is a battery pack and how do I replace it?

A battery pack is the main power source for the motors of your drone. They provide enough power for your quadcopter to fly smoothly and safely.

A new drone will likely not have any noticeable differences in its battery pack. Your battery pack will gradually wear down over time. You might lose your drone's ability to function properly. To make sure that your drone is still functioning properly, you will need to replace its battery.

It is best to use the original component when replacing a batteries pack. Otherwise, you risk damaging your drone by installing a faulty battery pack.

These are the steps to replace a cell phone battery pack.

  1. Disconnect the battery connector cable. This will ensure your drone doesn't get any electric current. Simply pull the cable from the drone to disconnect the battery connector.
  2. Remove the battery pack. Unscrew the battery pack from the bottom of your quadcopter. The battery pack is usually split into two pieces.
  3. Locate the battery contacts. After you have taken the battery pack out, look for the contact points. These tiny metal pins connect to the battery and other components of the drone.
  4. Install the battery. Next, place the new battery in the drone. You will need to align the battery connectors from both ends of the battery package. Push the battery pack onto your drone. Once you have done that, tighten the bolts that hold your battery pack in its place.
  5. Reattach the battery connector cable. After installing the new battery pack, reconnect the battery connector cable to the drone.
  6. Test the drone. Test the drone once more to make sure it is working correctly. You can be proud if your drone still works.


How to make money with drone real estate photography